Weekly Run

Every Sunday Morning at 9.15am Sharp, by the Zebra's at the exit gate of Wollaton Park!

The run is usually about 10K and takes approx. 50 to 60 mins.

The route can vary depending on the day. It could be the route shown on the map below or one of the GMaps further down the page..

We always start and finish at the locations shown on the map.

Cars may be parked on the side roads off Wollaton road, rather than in the car parks.

Check out our GMap routes below.........



G Map routes    
Route Name Distance (approx.) Comments
Twin Lakes & Portland Building 10K Has short cuts so good for all abilities
Twin Lakes 11.75K Approx. 62 mins, has short cuts so good for all abilities.
Mike 3. 5.6 Miles Sunday Morning Regular. Park-Jubilee-Park
Rich 1. 10K

Last night we managed a steady 67min run approx. 10K.

Dave 1. 10 Miles

Here is the route - not very 'picturesque' though !  Might be good for a laugh.

Mike 1. 11 Miles

11 miles route

Mike 2. 8 Miles Park - Uni - park - Jubilee Campus - Park..
Mike 2b 8.75 Miles Park - Uni - park - Jubilee Campus - Park via Park side.
Mark 1. 12 Miles

If you want to stay off the roads, have a look at this route - lots of paths through fields and on canal sides. It's about 12 miles so it'll take around 2 hours

Martin 1 6.5 Miles 2 laps round Wollaton Park
Rich 2 11 Miles Preparation run for the Robin Hood half
Martin 2 10 Miles Road loop