The purpose of runlocal is to promote keeping fit , by running together in the local community.

Why run on your own when you can run with some one else ?!

Health and Fitness is important to us all !

Check out your local site by clicking the links below; if there isn't a local site for you and you wish to start one then contact me via email;



Nottingham - Wollaton

These are non profit making sites and are here for the sole purpose of getting together people with the same interest - Running to keep fit and active.

There is absolutely no cost and no catch.By becoming a member you will be able to arrange your own runs with fellow members with similar abilities. You will find it easier to arrange mutual running times, and compare you progress whether you are a beginner or and advanced runner.

If you don't wish to become a member you are more than welcome to come along to one of the regular weekly runs. (Check each local site for the day and time!)

Its healthy, more fun and safer to run together.

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